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Hanging out with kids

For the past couple of weekends our family has had the opportunity to help out at a local center for at-risk children. This is a place where kids from neighboring countries come to spend their Saturdays. Most of them are very poor. When the kids come, we sing songs and play lots of really fun (and sweaty) games. The afternoon always wraps up with a Bible teaching and a delicious hot meal.

This week the Edwards family took the lead by facilitating the aforementioned sweaty games. The first was “Horse, Prince, and Baby.” It’s a gem!

Next up was “The knot game.” An oldie, but a goody I learned back in high school.

 Next was a Bible lesson taught by our very own Eden! She thought it was pretty cool to speak using a translator.

We ended with a favorite among children the world over…..balloon animals! Also, other strange and colorful fashion accessories.



It really has been wonderful to be able to partner with this ministry that is already taking place here in Thailand. We have been well received and a we’re so grateful for a gift of perspective.The kids are developing a sense of the importance of reaching across cultural boundaries to share God’s love. 🙂

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Made it here and getting going!

We arrived safely in Mae Sai the day before yesterday. Everyone is well, and boy are we glad to have those 2o hours of flying behind us for a while!

All of us have experienced a bit of jet-lag, but it is a small price to pay for the adventure that lies ahead of us!

Yesterday we took the kids to Wat Doi Wao, a local Buddhist temple. It is big and ornate and chock full of regional statues of Buddha (he looks different in different parts of the world,) as well as a smattering of Hindu idols. A visit to this particular temple is an excellent way to get a good dose of the creeps, as it has a floor dedicated to several famous monks. As we climbed the stairs, we discovered a circle of monks sitting cross-legged on platforms. They looked far too life-like! The details were amazing, even down to body freckles and neck rolls! I’m pretty sure they were made of wax and all eight of them were just as I left them when I passed back through 15 minutes later. I suppose the jury is still out on this one. What do you think?

Some may find it strange that we chose to take our children to a Buddhist temple to see what it was all about. We have taught them that Jesus is the only way to salvation, but it is important to us that they see for themselves what beliefs and values color the worldviews of people around the world.  Acknowledging these things does not, of course, change God’s ultimate authority over the earth. It does, however, give us a keener insight into how we can pray for those who do not yet know Him.

All three of the kids have been fascinated with monks. They are so mysterious and to themselves. This morning a dozen or so walked past the house and the kids ran to the window to watch their bright orange robes swish by. Our morning devotion was focused on how God created everything and reveals himself through all of it. What a perfect opportunity to talk about God creating all those monks too! I asked the kids if God loves the monks. “Nope!” was Justus’ resounding response. But Eden– in all of her big-sisterly wisdom–lovingly corrected him. “Justus, God loves them, He just doesn’t like what they do.” My heart is blessed as I watch them develop their understanding of God and His ways. God has said that His word will not return void, and I know that as we continue to reiterate it to their little hearts and minds, they will comprehend more and more who they are in Christ.

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